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Tom Clark's Main Event premiered August 12 2014, and is a professional wrestling podcast covering all corners of the business, including WWE, AEW, New Japan, and a lot more. Tom dives into these topics, as well as current news and headlines, along with special guests.


Two Nations Under Ted: A Ted Lasso Podcast premiered August 12 2023, and  reviews all episodes of the Apple TV series, with opinions from both sides of the Atlantic: Tom Clark sfrom the U.S. along with Jay Luft and Joe Higgens from the UK.


Tom Clark's 6M Podcast premiered August 18 2020 and focuses on Movies, Music, Marvel, Magazines, Miniseries, and More. Tom tackles some of the biggest geek culture / pop culture topics, along with co-host Phil Lindsey from Fightful's Grapsody podcast, and other guests.

The Season 2 Rundown of Two Nations Under Ted is Here!

Catch our review of Ted Lasso Season 2!

6M's For Every Interest!

Tom Clark's 6M Podcast focuses on Movies, Music, Marvel, Magazines, Miniseries and More. Past episodes include The Big Lebowski movie commentary, The Avengers franchise film reviews, deep dives on Jay-Z's Blueprint albums, and a lot more. Hit the button below to follow the show today!

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Tom Clark's Main Event airs LIVE Fridays on YouTube, on the Wrestling Rumors Facebook page. Tom covers the latest news and rumors of the day, taking questions from the audience, and sharing his experience as well. Follow the Main Event, and watch the Wrestling Rumors feed on the BO!NK website!

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